Marriage and Fuck Permission Form

On this calendar date of

______ ________ __________

[ day month year ],

and of my own free will and desire,
without compulsion or duress,
and with sound mind, I

______________ _________________ __________________________

[ First Name Middle Name Last Name ]

as a currently-non-married available single woman of at least age 20,
with freewill permission of the undersigned,
declare myself in voluntary quasi-common-law marriage
with and permanent loyal and loving concubine of:

______________ _________________ ___________________________

[ First Name Middle Name Last Name ]

As concubine of the already-married or single man named above,
I freely give him non-restricted permission
to uncover and touch, kiss, lick, caress, and massage any and all
publicly-presentable and publicly-nonpresentable
body parts of my body,
allow him to perform cunnilingus on me,
eager perform fellatio on him,
and affectionately fuck me at his perceptive discretion.

My signature is affixed below, and my stated husband's underneath that,
as affirmation of this contractual instrument
as of the previously-stated calendar date:

[ Signature of Concubine ]: _________________________________________

[ Signature of Concubine's Spouse ]: ________________________________________

[ Signature of OPTIONAL Officiant or Witness ]: __________________________________________________

Photocopies of our Drivers Licenses are attached
to these signed photocopies.